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ATT Systematics proud to be associated with Goldwyn Limited as a Channel Partner (C.P.) for Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand region. We are authorized to design solution & sell LED products & services offered by Goldwyn.

Goldwyn offers a wide range of modern, aesthetically designed and energy efficient LED lighting fixtures for external and internal applications. Our LED lights have high reliability built into the design through years of research and development.

Goldwyn ensures high quality by controlling the design and manufacture of critical components such as electronic drivers and optical lenses at our plant. Goldwyn LED lighting fixtures undergo rigorous testing for extreme temperature and humidity conditions to ensure reliability in all operating conditions. Our LED lighting fixtures are designed for best light output to suit specific lighting applications, delivering high lumens per watt of energy consumed.

Goldwyn has a state-of-the-art photometric laboratory which enables us to monitor all critical measurements of the light output of our LED lighting fixtures. Goldwyn LED is thus able to deliver IES files for each LED lighting fixture that we design and manufacture.

Our range of LED lights cover most external and internal applications in everyday life. Goldwyn LED also serves large projects by custom designing LED lighting fixtures to suit demanding applications with IP products and for hazardous environments with safe ATEX designs.

Goldwyn LED lighting fixtures are aesthetic, reliable, safe, energy efficient, non-toxic, and environmental friendly. We are proud to be a part of the international effort to deliver lighting solutions that saves energy and protects the environment, thereby contributing to the cause of lowering carbon emissions and preventing global warming.

Technical Features of LED Lights

Energy Saving: Goldwyn lights use efficient electronic drivers typically delivering a power factor of above 0.9. Our LED lighting solutions help in saving energy up to 65% in comparison to conventional lighting.

Maintenance Free Operation : LED lights have over 50,000 hours of maintenance free operation. On normal usage conditions this translates to 10 years of continuous operation without replacement of parts. Being solid state lighting devices, there are no filaments or gas filled tubes in LED lights.

Green Building Certification : LED lights help in meeting the standards for LEED* certification for Green Buildings.

Low Heat Generation : LED lights generate very little heat unlike other conventional lights like halogens, sodium vapour and incandescent bulbs. The air conditioning load is greatly reduced with use of LED lights.

Closest to Daylight Spectrum : The operating frequency of LED lights is closest to daylight spectrum, free of unwanted ultraviolet and infrared frequencies, thereby causing less strain to the eyes. The daylight spectrum results in better photosynthesis which helps in the growth of vegetables and flowers when grown in greenhouses using LED lights.

Flicker Free Lighting : LED lights do not have any flicker, as is normally associated with gas filled lamps such as FTL and CFL. Therefore, LED lighting is less strenuous to the eyes.

High Colour Rendition : LED lights have a high colour rendition, thereby showing up the objects in their true colour.

Better Image Capture : Recordings on the CCTV for security surveillance are clearer with sharper images under LED lights.

Warm and Cool Light : LEDs have a wide range of colour temperature thus producing warm (yellow) or cool (white) light to suit users' choice.

Dimming Solutions : LED lights with dimmer solutions are available.

Low Cost Solar Powered Applications : LED lights consume up to 65% less power, thereby reducing the solar panel and battery cost in solar lighting applications.

No Toxic Elements : LED lights do not contain any toxic elements such as mercury or heavy metals. There is no need for expensive equipment for safe disposal, and there is no danger to health or harmful toxic pollution of the environment as in the case of CFL.

*Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

LED Lights Product Range


Output Power Watt Replacement of Weight (Kg)
16 2x26W CFL 3.2
12 2x18W CFL 3


Output Power Watt Replacement of Weight (Kg)
72 250 Watt HPSV 11
63 200 Watt HPSV 8.5
100 400 Watt HPSV 14


Output Power Watt Replacement of Weight (Kg)
50 150 Watt HPSV 5.5
40 70 Watt HPSV 5.5
70 250 Watt HPSV 5.5
90 250 Watt HPSV 5.5


Output Power Watt Replacement of Weight (Kg)
70 250 Watt HPSV 7


Output Power Watt Replacement of Weight (Kg)
66 250 Watt HPSV 7.5
32 150 Watt HPSV 3.9
22 70 Watt HPSV 3.5
90 400 Watt HPSV 14.5


Output Power Watt Solar panel capacity (Wp)
18 40x1
12 40x1
24 50x2
36 150x1


Housing : Extruded Aluminium
Mounting :Ceiling/Wall
Optics : PMMA Diffuser, PC Signage
Battery Backup Time : 3 Hrs
Viewing Distance : 24 M
Other Features : Automatic Self Test For Battery, Led And Charging

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